Nesbit Blueberry Plantation

About Nesbit Blueberry Plantation

About Nesbit Blueberry Plantation

The Traicoff family owns and operates Nesbit Blueberry Plantation. Pat and George Traicoff, along with 5 children, and 9 grandchildren are all involved with the farm at some time during the year.

We grow Rabbit Eye blueberries, specifically Premeir, Climax, Tiff Blue and Austin varieties. The farm started out with drip irrigation, but when frosts became a problem we switched to overhead irrigation which is used for frost protection, irrigation, cooling and plumping up the berries.

Our berries are sold by the gallon.
We furnish gallon picking buckets and we pack your berries in freezer bags for you for transport home.

Customers can also call in orders for "pre-pick" berries which are also sold by the gallon.
Berries are sold "fresh frozen" both during season and in the off season.
Normally the off season supplies are depleted by Christmas.

Children are welcome at the farm and everyone is urged to taste the berries fresh off the vine, while picking.

Pre-Pick $20/Gallon | U-Pick $12/Gallon
Cash or Check. No Plastic.
Call ahead of time for picking conditions or watch facebook or twitter for the latest status.

Freezing Directions

  1. Berries are put in freezer bags for you to take home.
  2. Do not wash the berries.
  3. Leave berries, in the bag from the farm, open on the counter for 1 to 2 days to continue to sweeten. **
  4. Place the berries in the freezer with bag open, overnight. Tie up the bag the next day.
  5. Berries will freeze individually and can easily be measured out for your recipes.
  6. Rinse frozen berries in cold water before using.

**If berries are picked in a wet field, they must be spread out in a single layer to dry prior to freezing.

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